MacBook Battery Replacement


macBook batteryThe Macbook’s batteries are made of li-ion which starts to degrade its capacity on your daily uses. That’s why there is always a limited charging cycle. Once the battery reaches 70-80% of its charging cycle Macbook starts to displays a warning message like service battery or replace soon. This means the battery can’t deliver enough power on the Macbook. If you have a Macbook device used for more than 2 years, its time to replace the battery. We provide same-day or next-day battery replacement service for most of MacBook MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. 


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Macbooks Battery Services Dallas

macbook chargerIf the MagSafe charger’s LED indicator doesn’t light, check the charge port. If your MacBook turns on, check the battery cycle if it must get replaced. MacBook Pro model’s batteries are designed during a way they will be easily switched to a replacement one if the battery cycle goes high or the battery seems to be expanding. The MacBook’s battery is meant to remit up to 1000 full cycles. If your device seems to be extending those numbers or if it says replace now, it’s time to exchange the battery.

Don’t worry if your MacBook is out of warranty. Our technicians really don’t care what things are, We just want to supply you with efficient and best service in your MacBook’s battery repair in Dallas plus, for the simplest deal. 

MacBook battery Not Charging Repair

lyjaUvarious components are working together in order to charge your MacBooks. From your wall sockets to the battery there is charging adaptor, charging cables, MacBook Charging ports, lots of capacitors and resistor on logic board and the battery itself lies. We are specializing in dealing with every single issue with MacBook. like charging port replacement battery replacement, logic board repair. Your not charged MacBook and we are just a single call away. Call or simply visit us can fix your MacBook not charging issue with our highly trained, certified and experienced technician.

MacBook Battery Replacement

Here at Mac Repair Service Dallas, we specialize in ‘while you wait’ MacBook Pro battery replacements. We pride ourselves on efficient and professional repairs, with low prices and 90 days of warranty on all our repairs. MacBooks battery replacements are one of the foremost common repairs we get. The repair normally takes between normally 30-60 minutes counting on which model of MacBook you’ve got. All the batteries we use are original MacBook batteries. Using original batteries guarantees quality and allows us to supply our customers with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. We are ready to repair all MacBook models from Airs to Pros. If your MacBook isn’t listed on our website please just give us a call and one among our technicians is going to be ready to assist you out.

MacBook Battery Drains too Fast

macbook battery discharge

If your MacBook battery is draining too fast than before, Nothing to worry about. this may be because of the old either bad battery. We can replace the battery on your MacBook in just a matter of hours. why stick with the MacBook which needs charger every single hour when you can replace the battery and charge it once a day.  Your Macbook battery replacement job can be done while you are waiting here. We specialize in repairing mac devices the same day of repair requests for most of the common issues.

Why we need to replace the Battery on MacBook?

Macbook Battery ReplacementNot all of the MacBook need to replace the battery right now. But if you have a MacBook at least 3 years old or if your MacBook is asking for servicing the battery or notification of Replace soon, you need to replace the battery as soon as possible. Till now Most of the electronic gadget’s batteries are made of li-ion. lithium-ion batteries start to lose their power with every charge cycle. MacBook batteries came with around 700 life cycle and once it starts to reach 70-80% of its charge cycle you will see one or most of these symptoms.

  • Macbook Ask for Service Battery
  • Macbook shows Battery Replace Soon on Health section
  • MacBook battery starts to swollen
  • MacBook battery drains too fast
  • MacBook battery charge slowly
  • MacBook battery stops charging

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We are confident in our work, however for your satisfaction and nature of the products we provide a warranty on each of our repairs. And you can also call or directly walk into the store for any service and support you may need after repair.

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Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

How long does it take to replace the battery?

Replacing the battery usually take 2-3 hour. We provide Same day battery replacement service for most of the MacBook models.

Do we have a warranty on the battery after replacing it?

Since every part we replace here will be the genuine parts, every replaced part including the battery will have 90 days of replacement warranty.

Can I buy my own battery?

Sure, you can also buy your own required parts and ask us for a replacement. Remember We can’t provide the warranty service on the parts that you bought yourself.

My MacBook battery looks like it’s swollen, but its working fine. Do I need to replace the battery?

The MacBook battery is made of lithium-ion which may release the gas causing the battery to swollen some times. You should never use the swollen battery on your device which may harm other components on your device. What we advise is even the battery is performing well after swollen, you need to replace the battery as soon as possible.

How much it cost to replace the battery on MacBook

The price of the MacBook battery starts from $99. But it also depends on which mac device you have. You can always get a free quote by calling us.