iPhone Screen LCD Replacement

Iphone screen replacementIn Dallas, we provide the quickest iPhone screen replacement service for any iPhone. For the same service, the Apple store can take up to weeks. The cost of iPhone screen replacement is also way cheaper than the Apple store. Unlike Apple, we want you to repair Your iPhone rather buying a new one. Mostly iPhone screen needs to be replaced because of the crack or shattered. Besides that lines on the screen, touch not working, Ghost touch, touch jumping, a black-white spot in the screen, iPhone dead screen, iPhone black screen, iPhone screen pixel damage can be the reason for screen replacement. 

iPhone 4G, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5G, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 10, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max. Every year Apple releases their new iPhone call or visit us if you have the iPhone not listed here.

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A most common task for iphone screen replacement service here in Dallas include

  • iPhone screen replacement
  • iPhone touch not working repair
  • iPhone LCD replacement
  • iPhone lines in the screen
  • iPhone broken screen replacement
  • iPhone display flicker

Iphone 11 Max Pro Screen Replacement Untitled-1 copy

The most recent iphone 11 models screen is now available to us if you have owned any of the iphone 11 series and broken the screen already, don’t worry we are here to perform screen replacement service. There are 3 versions of iphone 11, iphone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro and iphone 11. you’ve got found the proper iphone screen replacement store near Dallas to repair your iphone 11 screen. we have a team of highly skilled apple certified ios technicians who have years of experience replacing the screen on iPhones models.  we offer quality and affordable screen replacement services alongside 90 days and more warranty on our replacement parts.

Iphone X Series Screen Replacement

if you have any of the iphone X series bought 1 year ago and now the apple care service is over and they are asking for half of the iphone original price just to replace your screen, don’t worry you are not only one. We can replace the screen on your iphone x series like iphone X, iPhone Xs, Iphone XS max with the very low price than the apple Quoted for you and most probably the same day service too. Contact our technician and make an appointment and fix your broken iphone x screen while you are waiting here.

Iphone 8/8Plus screen Replacement

iphone 8 plus screen

your broken iphone Screen is just a single call away for us to get fixed. Mac repair service provides the screen replacement for iphone 8 and 8 plus both whin the said day of repair requested. Our technicians are able to perform any types of repair on the iPhone. Every repair and replacement parts have the nondeductible warranty service for 90 days. We also provide customized service for Business clients. Don’t Forget Our Apple Experts are waiting to help you.

iPhone 7/7Plus Screen Replacementiphone 7 plus screen replacement

We know you still love your iphone 7 or the 7 plus, you don’t want to buy a new one just because of the damaged screen. iphone 7 still have all those things and feature that you need in your daily life. Better screen size, camera and the battery all things are perfect on iphone 7 Plus. if you have the broken, cracked screen, lines on the screen we can recover your iphone and make it working perfectly again.

iPhone 6/6s Plus Screen Replacement

iphone 6s screen replacement

if you have an iPhone 6 series including 6, 6s, 6s+ and 6+ and the screen is not working you should give that a second chance to be your favorite again by replacing the screen. If you are continuously using that same phone till now, you may have noticed the battery doesn’t hold the charge like that did before. It’s because now it’s time to replace the battery too, contact us and our technician will provide you the best price for replacing both screens and batteries at the same time. Apple is still providing the IOS update on your iphone 6 series so do we are providing the screen replacement services. if your touch not working on the iphone, bleeding lines, the broken screen we will help your phone to stand strong again.

iPhone 5 Or Earlier iPhone Screen Replacement

iphone 5 screen

Are you also one of those who are using that old classic rectangular iphone 5? or do you like to fix that broken screen iphone 5 and use that for the spare phone just in case you may need some time. We are still providing the screen replacement as well as other services for iphone 5 and earlier models.


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Mac Repair Service Dallas Can provide Same Day or Next day services for iphone screen replacement service Call 469-233-2420 to check what we need to do on your iPhone. 

Why Choose Us?


Experienced And Certified Technician

Our technicians are certified by Apple, CompTIA and have years of experience in the industry. Your devices are always fixed by competent techs

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After Repair Support And Warranty

We are confident in our work, however for your satisfaction and nature of the products we provide a warranty on each of our repairs. And you can also call or directly walk into the store for any service and support you may need after repair.

data_privacy-512We Understand Your Data And Privacy

We don’t access, duplicate or delete your data without your permission. We prioritize the privacy of clients seriously. All of the customer’s data are destroyed after repairs are done.

An Independent Quality Service Provider In Dallasquality-icon-vector-13483935 copy

Being an independent apple service provider, Mac repair Service Dallas provides a fast reliable and quality repair service by our apple certified technician.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can you replace the screen only iphone?

Yes, we can refurbish the iphone display by only replacing the screen, but this takes time to do, Rather refurbishing we provide the replacement service for almost the same price and also on the same day. 

How long does it take to repair the iphone screen?

The time frame of the iPhone screen repair is will depend on the types of repair. We provide the same day repair service for most screen replacement. 

What is the cost of iPhone screen replacement?

The price will be determined accordingly with your iphone model. The price of the iphone screen can be as low as $59. The price of the particular screen can be high and low but we are always way cheaper and faster than the Apple store.

Can I ask you yo swap the screen between two iPhones?

Yes, As long as both iphone is the same model and supports each others parts for swap and replacement we can swap the screen for you.

Can I claim Apple care there?

We are sorry, We are the individual repair store in Dallas, We do not accept the apple care or care + warranty services. However, We provide our warranty service if you repair it here.

The touch is not working on my screen do I have to replace the screen?

Yes, most of the time when the touch screen doesn’t work we have to replace the whole screen assembly because there is no separate screen for touch and LCD. But depending on the model if touch doesn’t work that can be because of touch digit on the logic board. Since we fix the logic board too here, you don’t have to worry. 


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Such a nice guy, he replaces the broken screen on my iphone x just under 20 minutes. I have never seen such a fast service, last time the apple store took 3 days and also the double price than here. I will always go there is I have to fix anything on my iPhone.