Liquid Damage Restoration

macbook water damage

Everyone knows that the water and electronics are not for each other, The small portions of water touch the wrong parts of the device and void the warranty, or even in a worst-case scenario the device dead.

There are numerous scenarios where moisture/liquid can contaminate a phone, tablet, and computer. Even trace amounts of liquid will cause the board and circuitry to become permanently damaged. The device doesn’t necessarily need to be splashed, soaked or immersed in a liquid to be damaged, excessive humidity and slight moisture are often even as dangerous to the circuitry.

What to do if you ever get liquid damage?

Do not use the water damage device

If your device ever comes to contact with any liquid like water, coffee, juice while you are using turn of the computer as soon as possible. If the water gets inside and touches the logic board while the device is active it can do serious damage on components.

Disconnect from the power source

If you have the recently liquid damaged device, do not try to power on, or connect to power sources. If your device is connected to a power source while the incident happens, unplug the charger or power sources form the computer.

Put the device in a dry place

There is a misconception that putting the water damaged device in a rice bag will absorb the water, but the truth is rice can only absorb the water that is on the surface. So it’s better to leave the device on the natural dry place(not in the sun) for hours.

Visit a trusted repair store

Don’t take a risk of damaging the device by powering the device without cleaning. The liquid may did the corrosion on the logic board or any component.  if that gets the power then there is a chance of sparks and burn on at the microscopic level. if you live near Dallas you can visit and ask us to repair your liquid damaged computer.

Do you want to diagnose your water damage device in Dallas? We are repairing and restoring the liquid damage devices since 2008. We have our Technician specially trained for liquid damage devices, and whole special procedure for repairing. We also provide customized service for Business clients. Don’t Forget Our Cell Phone Experts are waiting to help you. Same Day Service, Quality Parts, Customer Q & A, 90 Days Warranty policy .our Technician is Serving Dallas – Fort Worth from 2008

What We do on liquid damage device

Liquid damage accounts for a majority of failures in mobile phones laptops like MacBook Air, MacBook, and MacBook Pro Touchbar computers. Subjecting your device to water may result in mild damage like keyboard failure to fatal damage like CPU destroyed or a burned hole on the logic board. we’ll pull out the logic board and inspect it under a microscope. All the burned and corroded chips are going to be replaced. For the remaining faulty chips that can’t be spotted by a microscope, we use the Apple logic board schematic diagrams and advanced equipment for troubleshooting them. After it’s been repaired, the logic board is going to be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner and dried up in an oven, ready for assembly.

The device’s screen, case, keyboard, touchpad, and therefore the battery can also get to be cleaned or replaced counting on things. All parts will then be re-assembled back to the MacBook case for a final comprehensive test.

Here we have the whole process on Liquid damage Restoration

Disassembly of the device

As soon as we receive your device we disassemble the parts from it. Our main purpose is to save the Hard drive and logic board because the hard drive contains all of your data and the logic board is the most expensive part. We place all of the possible components disconnect from each other. Battery, keyboard, trackpad, speaker, microphone, Fan, IO board, Heatsink, and all the plastic and silicon substance will be disassembled from the device

Ultrasonic cleaning

After the disassembly of Device, we put the logic board into Ultra Sonic Machine. The machine carried out in a special fluid.  Ultra sonic cleaning unit work by sending high-frequency sound waves on that fluid which creates the tiny bubbles which generate enough force to clean out the rust and corrosion of the logic board.

Battery Check

Doing the ultrasonic clean and dry out the logic board takes times, while the process is going on we Check if the battery is good enough to work again. We test the battery health and evaluate the impact of liquid on performance and life.

Component Check

After the battery health check, we test each and every component of the computer. The liquid may have damage, short circuits, or burns.  If any of the components can’t pass the test we inform you and replace the parts an assemble the device.

Functionality Test

After Assembly of the compute we perform our 13 point test on it. If the device passes all of the 13 tests than the device is ready to go, if not we have to repair or service the device accordingly. The 13 points on the device include:

  1. Graphics Stress test
  2. Hardware Test
  3. Thermal Test
  4. BIOS Test
  5. Input/Output Test
  6. Power On Self Test(POST)
  7. Sensor Test
  8. Boot Test
  9. Performance Test
  10. Hard Drive Test
  11. OS Test
  12. Battey Test
  13. Memory Test

Service Quote

After Performing all of the tests and the result we make a service quote for you accordingly with the result. We will provide you the full quote including replacement parts and service fees.

Why Choose Us?


Experienced And Certified Technician

Our technicians are certified by Apple, CompTIA and have years of experience in the industry. Your devices are always fixed by competent techs

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After Repair Support And Warranty

We are confident in our work, however for your satisfaction and nature of the products we provide a warranty on each of our repairs. And you can also call or directly walk into the store for any service and support you may need after repair.

data_privacy-512We Understand Your Data And Privacy

We don’t access, duplicate or delete your data without your permission. We prioritize the privacy of clients seriously. All of the customer’s data are destroyed after repairs are done.

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Being an independent apple service provider, Mac repair Service Dallas provides a fast reliable and quality repair service by our apple certified technician.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you repair the water damaged phone?

Yes, our team of certified technicians can repair any damage. If you’ve got accidentally dropped your smart device in water or moisture has disabled your phone’s normal functioning then we will assist you with the best solution at affordable price.

What are the water damaged devices you fix there?

We fix almost every electronic device. Mostly devices include Laptops, mobiles, iPhones, Macbooks Camera, External hard drives, Personal Computers.

What is the warranty service on the water damaged device?

Due to the nature of the water damaged device, we can only provide a limited check warranty. however, any parts are replaced on the device the particular replaced parts will have 90 days of warranty service.

Can you recover the data out of the water damage computer?

Yes, we have our data recovery lab and team in Dallas, who are specialize in recovering data from different conditions.

Do you repair water damaged iPhones?

Yes, we do repair any water damaged iPhones and other cellphones.

What is the cost of water damage repair?

We have the procedure for repairing water damaged devices. we can go above on the page and read how we finalize the service quote.