DFW Computer Repair

Macpro 2019Are you looking for any computer service in DFW Texas? or Need help on your Desktop & laptop. We will Provide Fastest Repair Service in DFW Farmer Branch Area. We will look out of the one that you love for Computer like Dell, Toshiba, HP, ASUS, Acer, Samsung, Gateway, Lenovo, IBM, MSI, Gaming computers, Alienware, Apple, Axiom, Fujitsu, Compaq, Sharp, Sony, Unisys, NEC, Panasonic and For Apple MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, Mac Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Thunderbolt Display.  Most iPhone & iPad issues including Replacement Battery, Broken Screen is often Done while you wait! if you even have Dead Mac or iMac doesn’t power ON, No worries we will recover your data. Want to upgrade 4Gb ram on your laptop to 8GB or 16 Gb? You’re covered or would you wish to exchange old Hard Disk Drive(HDD) with new and fastest Solid-state Drive SSD. No worry if your computer is out of warranty? We perform out of warranty repairs on all of the computer products. We will provide Repair & upgrade service, software, OS X Related Support & Data Migration.

PC Computer services DFW

windows pc

Worried about your pc laptop, slow performance, virus attack or something else? We are here in DFW for taking out of you from such problems. We have been working for providing repair service and support for all types of electronic devices out there within the market including smartphones, notebooks, laptops, and desktop computers. Group of certified and experienced technicians at us will assist you to fix any quite issues together with your electronic tech devices. Located near Farmer branch and Richardson, We provide repair services with a warranty at a reasonable price. Our Technician diagnoses your device properly to work out the difficulty and fix it within the first place without spending your money and time and provides repair services like HardDrive Upgrade, OS configuration, Memory Upgrade, Virus Removal, Computer Tune-up services under express service within an equivalent day. We care about the customer’s convenience. So, we also provide home and Remote IT services to assist our customers better.

Pc Computer Repair Services:

  • Hardware and upgrade service DFW
  • laptop screen replacement DFW
  • Laptop keyboard replacement DFW
  • Pc Computer virus removal Service DFW
  • Computer Data Recovery DFW
  • Computer logic board repair DFW
  • Computer heating issues repair DFW
  • Computer blue screen of death repair DFW
  • Computer not turning on repair DFW
  • Computer not powering on repair DFW
  • laptop computer Battery Replacement DFW
  • Laptop computer charging port Repair DFW
  • Laptop computer Water damage repair DFW
  • Laptop SSD upgrade DFW
  • laptop RAM upgrade DFW
  • Computer Graphic Upgrade DFW
  • Computer video card upgrade DFW
  • Computer Kernal Panic Repair
  • Laptop computer data recovery DFW

Apple Computer Repair Service DFW

imac kernal panic screen

Having issues with your Apple computer and checking out a reliable and affordable iMac repair store near DFW? We understand how frustrating it is often when your computer isn’t functioning correctly or thanks to those unknown reasons your computer isn’t turning on or booting. Rest assured, you’ve got found the proper Apple Mac repair store near DFW to repair your Mac computer. We have a team of highly skilled Mac certified technicians who have years of experience solving all kinds of Mac-related issues both software and hardware related to all Apple computers like MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, Mac Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Thunderbolt Display. We offer quality and affordable iMac repair services alongside 90 days and more warranty on our iMac repair services and replacement parts.

Repair and upgrade Hardware DFW

IMG_2794If your computer isn’t functional as you wish and want to repair or simply want to upgrade your functional computer for performance and reliability. we’ll repair your computer with quality parts that are compatible together with your system and perform best. Our hardware parts are backed by a hassle-free warranty supplying you with peace of mind.

Software installation and Windows Configuration DFW

mac mini Software Update

If the hardware is that the body of the computer, the software is that the soul and intelligence of the pc. If your computer has the very best configuration of hardware but has some problems together with your OS, you would possibly not get the simplest of what your computer can do. we’ll found out and configure system software or install application software that meets your needs.

Virus Removal Service DFW

Laptop virus Removal

Have you ever feel there is a virus on your pc? Virus and Malware could impact your system performance, utilize network without your permission, steal your private information, pictures, credit card details, etc. We keep your computer safe from online threats, scan and detect any malware on your computer and take away it. Give us a call if you think that you’ve got an epidemic on your computer.

Data Services DFW

laptop Data Recovery

It is often really frustrating when it looks like you’ve got lost all of your precious pictures and videos capturing the moments of life which will never return, documents that you simply spent hours of your life drafting, etc. Sometimes once you or somebody else is using your computer they might accidentally delete files in your computer permanently, and you’ll not even find it within the trash or recycle bin. Don’t worry, contact us immediately in order that there’s a high chance for the info to be recovered. With quite a decade of service in data recovery experience within the industry, you’ll rest assured that we’ll get your priceless files back to you.

Why Choose Us?


Experienced And Certified Technician

Our technicians are certified by Apple, CompTIA and have years of experience in the industry. Your devices are always fixed by competent techs

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After Repair Support And Warranty

We are confident in our work, however for your satisfaction and nature of the products we provide a warranty on each of our repairs. And you can also call or directly walk into the store for any service and support you may need after repair.

data_privacy-512We Understand Your Data And Privacy

We don’t access, duplicate or delete your data without your permission. We prioritize the privacy of clients seriously. All of the customer’s data are destroyed after repairs are done.

An Independent Quality Service Provider In DFWquality-icon-vector-13483935 copy

Being an independent apple service provider, we provide a fast reliable and quality repair service by our apple certified technician.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What does the computer hard drive replacement cost?

You have various hard drive replacement options like the storage size (120 GB- max possible), storage type( Hard Disk Drive, Solid State Drive or NVMe SSD) and you type(PC or Apple computer). contact us for a quote and more information.

What storage size is enough hard drive size on the computer?

A: It depends on what you store on your computer, if you do lots of graphic work and gaming,  you need higher storage and for the basic use like browsing the internet and work on words than 1TB storage is enough for you.

How much it cost to crack screen replacement on my Apple Mac?

Replacement cost for Mac screen depends on which iMac you have, replacing the screen on non-retina iMac like A1312, A1311 is a lot cheaper than Retina Mac A1419, A1418. contact us for more information and quote.

Why my computer heats too much?

Every computer heats up, extreme heating issue means the computer is not able to release its heat outside or some component is malfunctioning inside. Some time clearing dust inside of a computer can help out.

My iMac stuck on apple logo after a software update, what should I do?

Stuck on Apple logo is a very common issue after updating software on iMac, it’s mainly because of power supply cut down during the update or corrupted files or folder on your computer, Various way we can fix this problem the main is installing the operating system from the very beginning.

How long does it take to replace the hard drive on the computer?

Usually, We provide a same-day hard drive replacement service. for most of the computer device.

How do I run a diagnostic on my iMac?

Disconnect all external devices except the keyboard and mouse. Shutdown the iMac. When turning it on Press and hold ‘D’ on your keyboard immediately after you press the facility button.

Will restoring my computer make it faster?

Restoring your computer can make it faster if the matter is coming from the software. However, if you’ve got a failing hard disc drive or bad RAM, this won’t help.

Does my iMac need antivirus?

iMacs usually don’t need antivirus but because the popularity of iMacs is growing. There are more viruses made to focus on macOS. So, it’s an honest idea to put in an antivirus to be shielded from all types of viruses.

My iMac isn’t turning on. are you able to repair it?

Yes, we will repair your iMac that’s not turning on. One among our certified Mac repair technicians will diagnose your iMac for issues and after isolating what’s causing the matter on your iMac, provide you with the repair options accordingly.

My old computer is being very slow can we do something to make it faster?

Every computer becomes slow after some years of use,  but we can still make it faster by upgrading the hard drive to the SSD, memory and the latest supported operating system.

Do you recover the deleted data from the computer hard drive?

Yes, we do recover deleted information from the computer hard drive We have our data recovery specialist who can help you to get deleted data.