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Mac Repair Service Dallas is an independent Repair Service Provider located in Dallas, Texas offers iPhone®, Samsung®, HTC®, Google Pixel®, Motorola®, Oneplus®, Huawei®, Razor®, ZTE®, Sony® And any android Cellphone available in US market. Talk to our Certified  Technician for Service & Upgrade. We also provide Services and solutions for small businesses, Schools and other professional organizations like hospitals & churches. Common Service we perform on cellphones are Screen replacement, battery replacement, charging port repair, data backup and Restore, Data migration, operating system install, OS upgrade services, logic board repair, liquid damage repair,  system clean, App install and uninstall, and many more. We also provide customized service for Business clients. Don’t Forget Our Cell Phone Experts are waiting to help you. Same Day Service, Quality Parts, Customer Q & A, 90 Days Warranty policy .our Technician is Serving Dallas – Fort Worth from 2008

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iPhone Repair Service Sunnyvale

Untitled-1 copyThere can be several issues with your handy sweet iPhone. Mac Repair Service Dallas helps you to solve any kind of software or hardware issue with your iPhone and as well as IPHONE DATA RECOVERY. We can provide same-day services in Sunnyvale for iPhone screen replacement, iPhone battery replacement and iPhone charging port replacement and other various repairs like liquid damage, camera repair, backup and restore, iTunes restore, Network issues and many more. If you have and issue with your iPhone call and let us know iPhone Experts are waiting to help you.

Samsung Repair Service Sunnyvale

samsung phone

Do you have a Samsung Phone to repair in Sunnyvale? Are you looking for trusted repair service? We are here to help you near Sunnyvale. Samsung phone can be known as the complex phone to repair. One needs to have very good knowledge and tons of experience. Our technician is heavily knowledgable experienced and certified for work. we provide all repair services for Samsung cellphones like microphone repair, speaker repair, front/back camera repair, power button repair, volume button repair, and many more.

The most common services we provide In Sunnyvale for our Samsung customer

  • Samsung Broken Screen Replacement
  • Samsung Back glass replacement
  • Samsung not charging repair
  • Samsung not turning on repair
  • Samsung battery replacement
  • Samsung liquid damage repair
  • Samsung Diagnostic service

Google Pixel Repair Services Sunnyvale

Are you out of warranty for google pixel phones? Are you looking for a good place to repair your pixel phones at Sunnyvale? We can help you to fix. 

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We have got all the services for you starting from very common issues like screen broken replacement to Data recovery. Our technician will fix your google Cellphone as soon as the same day or a few days depending on the complexity of the repair. we have the pixel services like charging port repair, camera repair, software upgrade, downgrade, backup & restore, buttons repair, internet not working repair, earpiece repair, microphone repair, speaker repair, liquid damage repair, battery replacement, and any others problem you may have. 

Other Cellphones Repair Services Sunnyvale

No matter which cellphone do you have. There is nothing we can’t fix. Our technician is experts in any android cellphone repair. Most of the time repairing the phones cost way less than buying the new one. There won’t be always savior damage while your phone is not turning on, that can be as small as the power button. Do not worry when your phones stop working. Give your cellphone to be served by an experienced technician.  We offer the repair services for sony, moto, HTC, ZTE, Redmi, Huawei, AT&T, Verizon, one plus, BLU, Asus, Bird, Coolpad, Dell, Hp, Lenovo, Nokia, Alcatel any other you have.

Screen Replacement Service Sunnyvale

Iphone screen replacement

Do you have a broken screen on your cellphone? Are you looking for replacing the screen around Sunnyvale? We are here for you. We have been fixing the mobile screen for more than 10 years. Our qualified technician replaces the screen on your phone in just a matter of minutes. So why to stick with a broken cellphone screen when you can literally replace the screen here in Sunnyvale while you are waiting. We offer the screen replacement services for Apple iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Moto, HTC, ZTE, Redmi, Huawei, AT&T, Verizon, one plus, BLU, Asus, Bird, Coolpad, Dell, Hp, Lenovo, Nokia, Alcatel any other you have.

Battery Replacement Service

iphone battery replacementYour iPhone not holding the charge even for 8 hours? Or do you have any cellphone which needs a battery replacement? Cellphone battery made for holding the charge only for 600 charge cycle, after that cellphone battery stops charging and holding charge. Replacing the battery on that cellphone makes your cellphone new again. We offer the battery replacement services for Apple iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Moto, HTC, ZTE, Redmi, Huawei, AT&T, Verizon, one plus, BLU, Asus, Bird, Coolpad, Dell, Hp, Lenovo, Nokia, Alcatel any other you have.

Why Choose Us?


Experienced And Certified Technician

Our technicians are certified by Apple, CompTIA and have years of experience in the industry. Your devices are always fixed by competent techs

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After Repair Support And Warranty

We are confident in our work, however for your satisfaction and nature of the products we provide a warranty on each of our repairs. And you can also call or directly walk into the store for any service and support you may need after repair.

data_privacy-512We Understand Your Data And Privacy

We don’t access, duplicate or delete your data without your permission. We prioritize the privacy of clients seriously. All of the customer’s data are destroyed after repairs are done.

An Independent Quality Service Provider In Sunnyvalequality-icon-vector-13483935 copy

Being an independent apple service provider, Mac repair Service Dallas provides a fast reliable and quality repair service by our apple certified technician.

Customer’s words on us

google-icon-review-web copyRony 

I have been there to repair my Samsung galaxy S10. I was having the problem with charging, They really did a great job on replacing the charging port. The technician is friendly and helpful, must be there is you have an issue with any phones.

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📞 Call Us For Same-Day Repair Service

Here in Sunnyvale, We Can provide Same Day or Next day services for commonly repair phones like iPhone and Samsung screen replacement and battery replacement. Call 469-233-2420 to check what we need to do on your Cellphone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you repair the iphone?

yes, We repair every Apple product including iPhones and iPads. We even provide the same day repair service for a common repair like screen replacement, battery replacement, charging port repair, camera/ earpiece repair. Visit or call us for more information.

Do you replace the screen on Samsung phones?

We perform all kinds of repair services including Samsung screen replacement, battery replacement, Samsung charging port replacement, back glass replacement, wireless charging, password removal and so on.

How long does it take to repair?

The time frame of the cell phone repair is will depends on the types of it. We provide the same day repair service for most of the common issues like screen replacement, battery replacement, software upgrade-downgrade, password removal.

How much does it cost to replace the iphone screen?

The price will be determined accordingly with your iphone model. The price of the iphone screen can be as low as $59. The price of the particular screen can be high and low but we are always way cheaper and faster than the Apple store.

Can You remove the screen lock password on Samsung?

Yes, we do remove the screen lock password. We even bypass the FRP lock on particular models. call or visit us for more details.